Most people will appreciate that conversations regarding HR Issues can quickly become complicated. That said, simplicity is always preferred when it comes to discussing the extent of our services. With this in mind, we offer three very simple options for employers. 
Whichever option you choose, you will have access to our dedicated advisers outside “normal” working hours as we align ourselves with the varied nature of our clients working times and business. 
Pay as you go with an hourly rate £99 per hour 
Minimum 15 minutes' charge 
Pay in advance for a specified number of hours during the year 
12 Hours for £1000 
24 Hours for £2000 
Additional hours at a discounted hourly rate 
Tribunal work is an extra cost, although discounted 
An annual fee (this can be paid monthly) 
1 - 10 employees - £1200 per annum 
11-25 employees - £1800 per annum 
26-50 employees - £2400 per annum 
51-75 employees - £3600 per annum 
76-100 employees - £5000 per annum 
101-150 employees - £7500 per annum 
151-200 employees -£9000 per annum 
201-300 employees - £10,800 per annum 
301+ employees – to be negotiated individually 
Tribunal work discounted from normal hourly rate 
One free space on Management Training Courses 
Access to the website cllient suite 
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